Underwater lighting brilliance

Apelo underwater lighting brilliance by Hella marine lets you do it all.

Select between incredibly intense white or vibrant blue for amazing illumination experiences.

Take complete control and choose any color you wish with Apelo RGB.

Apelo redefines entertainment lighting

Apelo redefines entertainment lighting

Optical Intelligence delivers more visible light spread across the transom.

Apelo competes with rivals offering higher lumen ratings, while using less energy to achieve equal brightness.

Industry leading 5 Year Warranty

Industry leading 5 Year Warranty

Advanced materials, completely resistant to corrosion and incredibly strong.

Dry running protected. Apelo is as happy running out of the water as in it.

Intelligent drive circuits deliver electronic protection for long life.

Optical intelligence is the heart of Hella marine lighting

Apelo introduces a precision engineered optical distribution system, efficiently capturing and projecting light.

The result is a wide, horizontal spread of color across the water with spectacular effect.

Optical intelligence in action across the transom

Apelo features an asymmetric light pattern with a narrow vertical angle to focus light efficiently below the waterline.

Spectacular color at your fingertips

Select between available lighting and color modes on applicable models:

  • Intense white - continuous
  • Incredibly vibrant blue - continuous
  • Intense white - 'Fishing mode' strobe
  • Incredibly vibrant blue - 'Fishing mode' strobe
  • White Edge Light
  • Full RGB control - choose any color and lighting cycle you wish via a compatible controller

Full RGB control - right at your fingertips

Apelo RGB

Connect RGB capable Apelo A1 & A2 lamps to a compatible RGB controller for unlimited color and lighting pattern control.

Apelo A2 showcases Edge Light Technology

Distinctive glowing signatures of elegant illumination bordering the lamp front.

Light up with Edge Light anytime! 
Illuminate your transom with a unique effect whilst launching or retrieving or while sitting on the boat lift. Light up during wash down, flushing engines or when loading gear.

Edge Light is bright enough to shine in daylight without the brilliant intensity of the main Apelo underwater light mode so your friends will not be blinded!